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Office Plants – San Diego

Indoor Plants for your Office

Like walking in a forest or meadow brings feelings of comfort and serenity,  adding indoor  plants into your office spaces brings life and vitality to your office environment. Whether it is a large board-room, or smaller office cubicle,  indoor plants in your office will elicit smiles of appreciation from employees and visitors alike.

Evergreen Interiors makes it easy to add plants to your office.  We have years of experience working with, architects, designers, office and building managers.  We can help you choose the right  office plants that fit your both your decor and your budget,  perfectly complimenting your office space.

Add Plants to your office the easy way with Evergreen Interiors. We offer full interior  plantscape services.

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Indoor Plant Maintenance
  • Flower Bowls
  • Living Green Walls

Give us a call today to Add Smiles to your Office with Plants & Flowers.