Interior Landscape


Beautiful – value

Interior landscaping provides a value that is hard to match when compared with other interior design elements. There is a sense of serenity when you enter a room or building that has been landscaped.

Evergreen Interiors Inc, is a full service interior landscape company offering designinstallation, and maintenance. We also provide patio landscaping services to our customers.

Why Interior Landscaping?

Interior Landscape – great ROI, return on investement !

Interior landscape provides far more than just a design element to any room or building. Interior landscaping also known as interior plantscaping has been shown to improve productivity, creativity, and reduce sick leave of employees where companies have made the investment in having the interior of their buildings landscaped. Below we have quoted a portion of recent study regardng some beneficial effects of interior landscaping.

..Researchers at Texas A&M University recruited 101 participants to take part in The Impact of Flowers and Plants on Workplace Productivity study…During the eight-month scientific study, participants took part in emotional, creativity and attentional demand protocols, in conditions that were carefully controlled, yet were similar to those in many office workplaces… The research lends weight to growing scientific evidence that flowers and plants, as well as other aspects of nature, have a beneficial impact on state of mind and emotions. The Society of American Florists worked in cooperation with the Texas A&M University research team.. here is link to full article..

Interior Landscape for clean air


What could be more green than cleaning the air in your building or residence with live plant material. In the 1980s NASA did a study in association with ALCA led by Dr. B.C. Wolverton focussing on using plants to reduce toxins in indoor environments. The research team led by Dr. Wolverton as quoted in an article below:

tested plants with volatile chemicals including benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde, all common indoor pollutants. The preliminary report of the group concluded that pollutants were mitigated not only by the plants’ respiratory process but also by the nutrient-gathering processes of their more

Indoor Plants – clean air machines

Dr Wolverton continued his research at his own firm – Wolverton Environmental Services after leaving NASA. The research has confirmed that many of the plants used in interior landscape projects are efficient at removing common toxins from the air.