Interior Plant Design


Design is About Who You Are

When you want to make a statement about who you are and what you do, Evergreen Interiors, Inc. will assist you in creating the image you wish to project.

Interior Landscape Design Process

The Interior Landscape designers at Evergreen Interiors, Inc. work with clients in two arenas: First, where you begin, and second, what you wish to accomplish. Evergreen Interiors, Inc. will survey the space and work with you, the client, to understand the goal of the interiorscape project. Whether employee retention, attracting new clients, professional image, branding concerns, or customer loyalty are your challenges, Evergreen Interiors, Inc. is here to provide the solution.

Interior Landscape & Patio Landscape, Consultation & Proposal


Interior Landscaping and Patio Landscaping requires an eye for detail and the knowledge of what plants and containers will be best suited for any given location. Our many years of plantscaping experience allows us to give you the customer the information you need to make an informed decision about your landscape project. One of the services we offer is to do a landscape consultation walk-thru of the interior and patio areas of your building or residence.

A designer from Evergreen Interiors, Inc. will come to your location and survey your property in consultation with you, the client, combining the personal feel you wish to project with the natural environment of the available space. Plants and containers will be chosen, and a schedule for installation and maintenance will be developed.


Once your interior landscape design goals have been decided, Evergreen Interiors, Inc. will work with you to create the image you imagine without breaking your budget.


After consultation, Evergreen Interiors, Inc. will create custom proposals for the design and cost of your interior landscape or patio landscape project. This agreement will ensure complete understanding of what will be undertaken by and expected from both parties. Once this agreement is signed, the project will move forward with installation.

Interior and Patio Landscape Installation Process

What to Expect

Once a signed agreement and deposit is received by Evergreen Interiors, Inc., installation generally begins within seven business days. The size of the project dictates the length of the installation. Installation can range from one hour to as long as five days for complex projects.

Our Pledge to you.

Evergreen Interiors, Inc. leaves installation sites looking better than when we arrived. There will be minimal disruption of living and working situations as our trained, uniformed, insured staff installs your new foliage. We continually clean up during and upon conclusion of our work.