Sub-Irrigation of Interior landscape and Patio Landscape Plants & Flowers

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How we water:

watering canConsistent soil moisture is the key to keeping plants looking their best. Normal “watering can” wet/dry cycling can leave plants stressed and looking less than optimal.

For that very reason Evergreen Interiors uses the latest in sub-irrigation technology. At Evergreen Interiors Inc, we make a determination based on many factors as to the best form of sub-irrigation to be used on a given installation of plant material.

We primarily use the CWI “Smart Pot” vacuum sensor systems. When appropriate we also use the ‘Wick – Watering system’ and other capillary systems such as ASI Sub-irrigation to maintain a constant soil moisture in all of your plants.

Sub-irrigation, CWI–Controlled Water Inserts


CWI vacuum sensor “Smart Pots” use porous ceramic tips and water-filled double-layered pots to ensure constant water levels and correct soil moisture. Each time the cap is opened, the vacuum is released, flooding the pot.

DO NOT PULL THE CAPS, AS THIS CAN LEAD TO OVER WATERING. Evergreen Interiors, Inc. maintenance technicians will maintain water levels for optimum plant health and appearance.

ASI – Sub-irrigation


The ASI Sub-Irrigation system was designed in conjunction with Dr. Joseph Cialone, PHD, Horticultural Sciences to provide both air and good water supply to the root system of plants. It is a later generation of the capillary style sub-irrigation watering system. While the system does allow for easier assessment of the current water level, each plant in a given interior landscape environment will have different water requirements. Our staff is trained to properly assess and maintain containerized plant material under a wide variety of ambient conditions with regard to light, temperature and humidity.

Wick-Rolls, Watering System

Water Wick Sub-irrigation

Wick Watering system – by Plant Paws™ is among the technologies we make use of, to maintain your plant material in optimal condition, with the least amount of water stress. As each situation is different our staff is trained in using right tool for the job. In some cases our Water Wick system is that perfect tool. Once again our staff is trained to properly install, maintain and service each type of watering technology that might be used with your plants.

Capillary Systems -the Original Sub Irrigation Pot


Capillary systems work using the soil media’s natural water-wicking properties. Soil will always attempt to hold 100% of its fluid capacity, automatically sucking up the water in the reservoir. While popular due to their low cost and low tech simplicity, there can be a tendency for earlier capillary systems to overwater. This type of sub-irrigation generally does require more maintenance as well as having the inherent risk of plant damage and appearance degradation. Call us for a free consultation if your plant material is currently planted in this older technology watering system.

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