Living Green Walls – San Diego

Evergreen Interiors, Inc. custom designs and maintain Living Green Walls using a variety of systems with lush and often colorful plants for both commercial and residential interiors. Living Walls contain live plants that are installed in vertical planters with foliage carefully arranged to compliment the look and feel of the area. We select plants that are appropriate for both the décor and the environment where the Living Wall will be installed.
A living Wall in San Diego
Living Green Wall in San Diego by Evergreen Interiors Inc

There are many benefits in having a Living Green Wall.

Living Walls not only bring you beautiful color and life to your vertical space, but
also act as a natural air filter, providing a healthier and rejuvenating work environment. Building managers can retain higher rents and companies are more likely to see improved productivity among employees.

We service, design and install many types of Living Walls including:

  • Interior & Exterior Green Walls
  • Living Walls
  • Living Wall Art, Plant Portraits, Live Pictures
  • Living wall dividers
  • Green Walls with preserved foliage, aka permanent botanicals.

Using preserved foliage in a Green Wall offers long lasting color with lower maintenance costs.

In addition to using live plants in a Green Wall, we also offer the option of using preserved foliage to provide durable color for both interior and exterior vertical spaces. Due to accessibility, lighting conditions or the desire for lower maintenance costs; a preserved foliage Green Wall is the perfect solution.
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