Patio Scape

Patio Landscaping in San Diego

Let Evergreen Interiors Inc.,  create a beautiful plantscape  for your patio area whether you have large patio  or a smaller patio space we have the experience to match the perfect plants and decorative containers to your space and budget. We design, install and maintain exterior container landscape throughout San Diego for both commercial and residential clients.


Rooftop Patio Landscaping

Are you looking to add some color and texture to your rooftop patio area? Rooftop patio landscape can have a dramatic effect of softening the look of your space, as well as making it more feel more inviting,  and adding a sense of privacy.

Entryway Landscaping

Your entryway makes a statement. Let us help you make the right statement with entryway landscape plants in decorative containers that compliment your commercial building or home.



We can provide you with various options from live plants to lower maintenance preserved foliage. There are almost endless options in the way of planters, decorative containers, and plants to choose from. Let Evergreen Interiors design the perfect solution to fit your needs.