Suite Plants Living Wall Planter

Interior Landscaping In Vertical Spaces

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There is a growing trend of going beyond the horizontal, in indoor office plant landscaping. For many years decorative containers and built-in planters located in building lobbies and offices were the only option available to bring the beauty of live plants and flowers into the indoor realm.
All that has changed with the explosion of vertical space wall mounted and free standing planters. Now more than ever, it is possible to take advantage of the vertical spaces with living walls, green walls, vertical live plant portraits and living plant art with products such as LivePicture®.

Adding a Living Wall Planter to your office or building lobby is a great way to create beautiful inviting workspaces. Vertical wall planters act as canvas allowing the indoor plant designer to ‘paint’ with an assortment of green plants and colorful foliage or flowers carefully arranged to create a living art masterpieces for your office or home.

Contact Evergreen Interiors Inc for more information on adding life and beauty to your vertical spaces.

LivePicture® is a registered trademark of Suite Plants. Feature image courtesy of Suite Plants.
For more photos of LivePicture® living wall art be sure to check out our Suite Plants Live Picture Gallery.

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