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Succulent Plant Design

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Painting with live plants

Succulents offer a wide variety of colors and textures that compliment a myriad of design motifs for both indoor and patio landscape.
The color palette available amongst the diverse succulent species, and cultivars covers almost the entire color-wheel from shades of violet to hues of green.

Designing with succulents provides great versatility of application, from stand-alone planters and under-plantings, to beautiful living walls, where the forms and colors allow for an almost texturized-oil-painting effect. Much like typical artwork such as a sculpture or a painting, living-art truly enhances surrounding architecture.

Succulent under-planting, Orchid color-bowl - San Diego area

Succulents as base planting

Succulents are water-wise

In addition to the aesthetic benefits of using succulents for plant design, succulents are drought-tolerant making them a smart choice for many patio and higher light indoor landscape projects.

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