Rooftop Patio Landscape in San Diego

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Equisetum in Rooftop Patio Planter – located at Marriott Gaslamp, San Diego California, overlooking Petco Park. The equisetum were planted in 2013, photo was taken in early 2015.

The city of San Diego has much to offer in the way of beauty, outdoor activities and world-class attractions.  One of the most wonderful aspects of life in San Diego is the year-around temperate climate. Outdoor living space investment remains one of the most popular property improvements throughout the country and that goes double for San Diego.

 Patio landscape and design is often thought of as a ground level endeavor.  However,  among the buildings in a city such as San Diego there are those oases of outdoor spaces that offer a retreat from the indoors; a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors with a rooftop view.

 Rooftop Patio Landscape adds an organic aesthetic to outdoor areas,  sometimes adding  privacy, but always adding beauty and a sense of calm.

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