Foliage Plant Care Tips

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Vicky Cate’s Secrets for Successful Interiorscapes

Live plants require thorough cleaning of both sides of each leaf on a regular basis to interrupt pest breeding cycles, keeping your plants healthy and pest-free.

Plant Paws™   plant cleaning Mitts will save you time cleaning. Vicky Cate invented Plant Paws™ to help her professional plantscape technicians do their job more efficiently. Plant Paws™ will allow you to clean both sides of the leaf surface in one swipe, contact us for more information.

Always check soil moisture before adding water. The moisture level of the top layer of soil will usually indicate the condition of the soil beneath. Touch the soil with the tip of a finger. If it is wet on top, that means the soil is holding plenty of water. Soil should be dry to the touch before you add water. Only add water if the soil condition warrants it.

Note that in order to maintain optimum moisture level Evergreen Interiors Inc., uses sub-irrigation for all live plant installations. Give us a call for a free consultation for your Interiorscape.

Here is a copy of Evergreen Interiors Inc., 15 point Plant maintenance check list

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