Replica Plant Care Tips

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Proper Care of Replica, aka silk plants promotes realism

Replica plant material has its place in many interior installations, such as high overhead shelves where ladder work might be required to water live plants or in areas where there is negligible light. Replica plants were formerly known as silk plants in years gone by, other monikers were artificial or fake plants. Nowadays replica plant and floral material has been designed to look ultra realistic allowing for the look of live plants or flowers where conditions do not allow for live. While replica plants do not require watering there is a misconception that they require no maintenance.
Replica plants have been designed to completely look realistic, however, replica leaves must be regularly reshaped to maintain natural appearance. Improper or neglected reshaping or cleaning can result in plants that look fake.

replica-install-350x263This commercial installation features realistic looking replica UV stabilized Juniper bushes.

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