Interior Landscaping In Vertical Spaces

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Suite Plants Living Wall Planter

There is a growing trend of going beyond the horizontal, in indoor office plant landscaping. For many years decorative containers and built-in planters located in building lobbies and offices were the only option available to bring the beauty of live plants and flowers into the indoor realm. All that has changed with the explosion of

Holiday Decor for Offices

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Holiday Decor for Offices

Adding Holiday Decor to your Offices and Building Lobbies is a wonderful way of bringing the joy of the Holidays into your business environment, eliciting smiles of appreciation from employees and visitors alike. Evergreen Interiors Inc., offers a wide array of Holiday Decor services for offices, commercial building lobbies throughout San Diego county. With full

How to Choose a Plantscaper that’s Right for You

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People choose different plantscapers for different reasons. Evergreen Interiors, Inc. aims to be the right fit for the client who wants to improve or upgrade the image, decor and living environment of their home or workspace. Evergreen Interiors, Inc. can help you from the beginning design phase, choosing your plants, selection of decorative containers through

Advantages of adding Live Plants in your Office

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Cut down on sick-days Boost morale and create a more welcome environment. Stabilize humidity at levels comfortable for people. Remove (VOC's) volatile organic compound gases given off by: Carpet Office Equipment Paints Just about everything we use each day Interior plants make your office and home warm and comforting. Plants and decorative containers are easy

Foliage Plant Care Tips

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Live plants require thorough cleaning of both sides of each leaf on a regular basis to interrupt pest breeding cycles, keeping your plants healthy and pest-free. Plant Paws™   plant cleaning Mitts will save you time cleaning. Vicky Cate invented Plant Paws™ to help her professional plantscape technicians do their job more efficiently. Plant Paws™ will

Replica Plant Care Tips

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Replica plant material has its place in many interior installations, such as high overhead shelves where ladder work might be required to water live plants or in areas where there is negligible light. Replica plants were formerly known as silk plants in years gone by, other monikers were artificial or fake plants. Nowadays replica plant